What is included in ProjectSheet.io?

Estimated reading: 3 minutes

ProjectSheet.io is a tool suite that makes the production of your event easy and secure.

But how does it actually work? What are the different components?
Functionally, ProjectSheet.io has four components
– The Management Sheet to define your project settings before you start
– The Project Sheet to manage your event during the project phase
– The Room Sheets to support your event during production days
– The Dashboard to give you statistics throughout the event

Your shared Project Folder

Your Projectsheet.io tool suite includes a shared project folder.

This folder is shared with you at the beginning of the project.

In this shared folder, you will find

  • Your Management Sheet
  • Your Project Sheet
  • Your Room Sheets
  • Several subfolders, with an name telling you what goes in it

Note: To ensure your project runs smoothly, make sure to use the correct subfolder for each of your files. 

You will find a document in each subfolder explaining what they are used for.

Before you start – setting parameters

The Management sheet is mostly used before you start using the Project Sheet.

It is where you set project parameters. This includes

  • The name and details of your event’s rooms or video tracks
  • The names of your staff
  • And more!

We recommend doing this setup at the beginning of the project. 

However, you can also use the Management Sheet throughout the project, if you need to update parameters.

During the project – providing information

The Project Sheet is the centerpiece and is used throughout the whole event preparation phase.

This is where you input all your event information, including

  • The list of speakers, with their contact details, personal information, onboarding type,etc
  • The list of sessions, with their date, time, and room / video track, and the name of the speakers
  • The list of sponsors (if applicable), and the association of sponsors with sessions

The Project Sheet includes extensive automation, built-in reporting and helper tools.

During the event – using the information

Finally, the RoomSheets are used during the event itself.

They provide a detailed and organized view of the schedule for each Room / Video track, for each day.

They are used by your production team to know exactly what will happen, when it will happen, and who is involved.

The Dashboard – An overview of your project

In the Dashboard, you will access statistics about your event.

For example, you will know what percentage of your content has been produced, or how many of your speakers have missed their scheduled appointments.