Event management, reinvented.

Same tools, but better.


Super powers for spreadsheets - seriously!

Speakers, Content & Sponsors

One and unique source of truth for all the information about your event. Always right, always up to date and accessible with minimal effort.


Progress monitoring

Keep track of everything. Headshots, Slides, Sessions, Pre-recorded videos, post-production edits & revisions. Nothing gets forgotten.


Project dashboard

Forget about manually merging cells to make things presentable. At a glimpse know where you are and where your heading.


Cue Sheets & Automatic Rundowns

Give your crew access to simple room rundowns. While your stage managers & showrunners receive state of the art Cue Sheets to execute to your specifications.

Your event.
Our Tools.


Why Choose ProjectSheet

Designed By Event Organizers

We used our years of experience to identify the risks, inefficiencies and challenges of event management – then fixed them.

Tools You’re Familiar With

No need to learn new tools: ProjectSheet feels familiar because it’s just another spreadsheet. A very smart one, though.

And Voilà!

Forget the busy work. Progress tracking, schedule updates, rundown generation… most tasks are automated so you can focus on what matters.

Don’t Go It Alone

We are part of your team and stand with you every step of the way. Your success is our success.

Images above are still captures from conferences produced by partners that made use of ProjectSheets. All rights reserved to the respective content owners. 

ProjectSheet Users Never Look Back

Supplying our clients with the right tools and support proves to pay off. Here are their stories:

Client Testimonials

"As an event management agency, we’ve led countless projects for our clients. Since using ProjectSheet, we handle more projects with fewer resources dedicated to each. Meanwhile, clients’ satisfaction remains at its highest level. ProjectSheet truly allowed us to scale to the next level."
EPEAK Studio
"They provided A++ customer service. I can’t imagine running another event without working hand in hand with such great partners!"
Christine Montoya
Informa Tech
"Their team ran everything smoothly behind the scenes, trained our speakers and made our dream come to life within the platform."
Martell Fox

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