Unlock the full potential of your event with ProjectSheet.

Tailored exclusively for event planners and conference organizers, our platform leverages technology to streamline your workflow, ensuring more efficient and stress-free events.

Speaker, content & exhibitor management

With ProjectSheet, you can store and manage speakers, contents, track sessions and categorize exhibitors in a centralized database.

Say goodbye to scattered information and embrace a single source of truth that all stakeholders can access.

Seamlessly track and organize data to elevate your event coordination to new heights.

Progress monitoring

ProjectSheet empowers you to monitor progress effortlessly.

Keep track of tasks and to-dos in real-time, especially in complex events with multiple stakeholders and concurrent timelines.

Rest assured that no vital details will be missed, ensuring a seamless execution every step of the way.

Project dashboard

Stay informed and in control with our Project Dashboard.

Visualize the progress of your event at a glance, understand its current scale, and assess if you're on track for timely delivery.

Experience peace of mind as you navigate your event's journey with confidence.

Automated schedule, rundown, Cue Sheets

ProjectSheet revolutionizes scheduling by automating event and room-specific schedules.

Prepare detailed cue sheets in real-time, enabling your audiovisual providers to execute productions flawlessly.

Simplify the coordination process and let technology work for you.

Speaker tech-checks & content recording

Get your speakers and content ready for the big day without breaking a sweat.

For virtual and hybrid events, our Speaker Management feature connects seamlessly to onboarding, tech-check, and prerecording booking systems.

Delegate this entire aspect to us, and we'll handle every detail. You are in control and monitor each booking's status directly in your ProjectSheet for total convenience.


No, your ProjectSheet is accessible via a web browser from your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Not at all. All you need is a computer with internet access and an up-to-date web browser.

Of course, it’s never to late to get organized. In addition, our team is there to support you with the data import if necessary.

Sky is the limit!
We offer different tiers (see our pricing page) – each comes with a pre-defined user access account. 

And if you need more, simply contact us.


Note that you will be made owner of the ProjectSheet, so you will have to grant them permission upon request. A request email will be sent to you.

You do.

We don’t access your data unless we need to provide you with support.

We will never use, contact or resell any of the information you enter about your project.

Absolutely. We’ve build ProjectSheet to be simple to use. 

That being said, we can organize individual or group training session for your event team to get on board quickly with the tool.

Yes it will work.

Google Sheets can provide access control to individuals with non-google emails. 

Yes, Pro tier customers are able to connect to our booking automation their own staff. Simply contact your sales rep to make the arrangements.

Yes. You can modify whatever you want. Add columns, add data validation, conditional formatting, formulas etc.

If you worry about breaking some of our preset functionalities simply contact our support to have them implement your additions.