Our Mission

ProjectSheet is a modern all-in-one solution to improve and simplify event management, created by a group of event professionals, entrepreneurs, and software engineers.

By harvesting the power of automation, ProjectSheet empowers the event industry to be more productive and efficient.

Company Founders

Timothée Pineau

Tim is an inventor. Motivated by a strong desire to create, fix and improve, he has invented many solutions to problems - often that he has personally run into.

Max de Leseleuc

Max is a problem solver. His insatiable curiosity and attention to detail have led him to explore, understand and contribute to many industries.

Isaïe Simonnet

Isaïe is a seasoned entrepreneur with a solid technical background. Passionate about new technology, he’s spent over a decade contributing to innovative solutions.

Moritz Burgard

Moritz is a self-taught developer, and technology enthusiast. He like to explore unconventional solutions, always with simplicity in mind, and often with success.