Step 2: Add Content

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

Step 2.1: Adding the content

In the Content tab, start adding your sessions and fill out Session title, Content type, Date, Start time, Duration and Location.

Remember, if a location is missing, you can add it in the Management sheet.

Note: Please never delete any rows, or swap data between rows. Each session ID is unique and cannot be changed once set. The sessions do not have to be listed in chronological order in this tab – list them in any order. 

Note: If you forgot a session in the middle of the first morning, do not shift everything – add it at the end of the list, with the correct date, start time and duration,

If you need to see your sessions displayed in chronological order, this happens in the Schedule tab. The Content tab cannot be used to see your schedule in order.

Top tip: If in doubt, pay attention to each column’s header – it gives you useful information on how to fill it

Step 2.2: Match speakers with content items

In the Content tab, you will find columns labeled Speaker #1 to #7. Under each you will find a drop down menu with the names of all the speakers. This list is based on the Speakers tab.

Fill out the columns with the names of who will be presenting in the same session. 

Repeat this for all your sessions (if applicable).

Note: If you need to modify a speaker’s name, go back to the Speakers tab and change it in First and Last Name columns. You can now return to the Content tab and select the corrected name off the dropdown menu.