Step 1: Add Speakers

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

In the Speakers tab, fill out each speaker’s first name, last name and email address. 

Top tip: If in doubt, pay attention to each column’s header – it gives you useful information on how to fill it


Next, select their Onboarding Type and Role

The Onboarding Type refers to the way in which a remote speaker (connecting via a conference call software) will be prepared before an event. 

For example, they could be scheduled for a Tech-Check (a 15min technical brief) or 1:1 Onboarding (a 45min call combining a technical check and general briefing). 


The Role column is used to specify what this person will do during the event. For example, they could be a Remote speaker, an Onsite speaker, a VIP, an MC, a moderator, and so on.

Remember: If you want to add or remove roles from the list, simply head over to the Management sheet to do that.

Under Managed by, insert the person on your team in charge of that particular speaker by selecting their name from the dropdown menu. 

If your staff member’s name is missing, head over to the Management Sheet and add them.

Speaker information

Finally, fill out the fields labeled: Email, Job Title, Company and Phone Number.

Important: Please never swap content between IDs or delete any rows. The order in which speakers are listed in this tab is irrelevant to your event’s schedule, and must remain the same throughout the project. Swapping a person from one Speaker ID to another will create data integrity issues and lead to unwanted behavior.