Words from our founders

Saying that events are complicated to organize is an understatement. Anyone involved in the industry knows the complexity required to synchronize the many elements of a successful project. However, though each event is a mountain to climb, reaching the peak is truly a most gratifying experience.

We’ve been there

Most of us behind ProjectSheet have been involved in events for nearly 20 years – as attendees, speakers, organizers, or a combination of the three.  There’s no question about how magical events can be once they’re up and running, which is why we love and continue doing what we do.

Throughout the years, we have witnessed many project management practices, most chaotic, stressful, and tiring for staff. Many of the struggles event organizers face are viewed as part of the job, such as multiple revisions on excel files, thousands of emails coming in, long hours, and overworked staff members that either survive or quit. We don’t believe it has to be this way.

Event management is about information management

We believe consistent access to accurate information is central to any successful event. Conversely, insufficient, wrong, or conflicting information can jeopardize an entire project.

We are convinced that addressing how information is managed throughout an event solves many challenges for an event organizer.

This is where ProjectSheet comes in, a modern, all-in-one solution that improves and simplifies event management. ProjectSheet empowers event professionals with automated tools that encourage efficiency and productivity.

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