Release of ProjectSheet v.5.2.3

Today we release a new revision of our ProjectSheet product – version v5.2.3. The focus for this release was to bring major changes to our back-end. These changes improve significantly both reliability and performance of our ProjectSheets.

Large projects with a many collaborators working on a ProjectSheet at the same time will benefit the most from this release.


  • IMPORTANT: New version not backwards compatible.
  • FIX: Named ranges have unified names.
  • NEW: New IDs.
  • NEW: New Sponsors tab for upcoming Swapcard integration.
  • UPGRADE: Data updates every 1 minute.
  • UPGRADE: Using new google dropdowns to reduce amount of conditional formatting.
  • NEW: Last updated timestamps for every speaker and for the event platform. This improves performance for third party platform sync.
  • UPGRADE: To-do tab in the sidebar only shows items when action needs to be taken.
  • NEW: Partial matching on file names using the joined ID for headshots / slides / sponsor files. Allows for an easier drop of files of various types for in these folders.

All new projects generated from today onwards will be using this release.

Because this new version includes major changes (breaking) from previous versions (5.1 or lower), client projects will only be upgraded on a per request-basis. This release does not affect in anyway existing projects.

As per usual, if you have questions of feedback, please contact us.

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