ProjectSheet Swapcard Integration

We are thrilled to announce the release of our very first major integration for ProjectSheet. This one is with Swapcard – a very popular choice of event platform by our customers.

About Swapcard

Swapcard is a French company founded in 2007. It’s been around for a while, initially as an event-app, and with COVID they evolved to be all-in-one hybrid event platform to host both the program and content of your events. Today, market leaders in the event industry are using the platform such as Informa, Clarion Events, Confex or Koelnmesse. The company also sports brand customers such as Samsung, Hyatt, IBM or Autodesk.

How the integration works

With the ProjectSheet Swapcard integration, ProjectSheet users such as event planners, agencies and AV professionals can now sync content from ProjectSheet to Swapcard. This saves a tremendous amount of time, leveraging the single source of truth that are your ProjectSheets. Since you already have the information in there, why doing the input twice? This integration is also a way to considerably reduce input error when it comes to configure video links or other session settings. Yes, we’ve all been there with a stream player that doesn’t show at the expected time...

The key functionalities that are build-in this integration

  • Sync of Speakers to Swapcard: This creates speaker profiles, and fills all the information that is stored in the ProjectSheet.
  • Sync of Sessions to Swapcard: This create all the sessions with the correct type, start/end time as well as location.
  • Sync of Session Speakers to Swapcard: This creates a link between a Swapcard session and multiple Speakers
  • Sync of Session media: This adds the stream or VOD player URLs to a session, including setting display/hide time if applicable
  • Sync of Session locations: ProjectSheet locations are replicated in Swapcard, and each synced session is then linked to the location for front-end filtering and on-site navigation by your attendees.
  • Automated sync of all the above to keep your Swapcard platform up to date with all the latest changes made in ProjectSheet by your project team.

All of the above represent in average 50 to 100h (if not more) of work-time saved on a typical* event. This integration is an add-on and can be enabled on a per-project basis for just $1,500 USD.


We are of course not stopping here. Among the few features that we are actively working on to expand the capabilities of this integration (list as of Jan 18 2023):

  • Sync of speaker pictures from the ProjectSheet headshots folder to Swapcard
  • Speed improvements, caching, sync reactivity (backend stuff)
  • Sync of sponsors, with mapping of Sessions with associated sponsors (our priority #2)
  • Multilanguage support for event that have translated session titles and descriptions (our priority #2)
  • Two-way sync to allow sync from Swapcard back to ProjectSheet
  • And more!

We look forward to seeing more clients leverage this powerful integration. Of course if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

*typical event = 3 days, 4 locations, 150+ speakers, 100+ sessions and 500+ attendees.

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