Cue Sheet Template and other tabs

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

The Room Sheet includes other useful tabs for the event day

  • Speaker Inspector (same as the Project Sheet)
  • Content inspector (same as the Project Sheet)
  • Cue sheet – used to provide detailed information on sessions that require it.

If you want to provide detailed, minute-by-minute run-of-show instructions for a session, simply duplicate the Cue Sheet Template tab

Then, select the Content ID of your session in the drop down menu

You can then start filling the Cue Sheet and provide detailed Run Of Show instructions.
Start by indicating the duration of the first segment, select the speaker that will be active, and select their position. Then, add any other information, and move on to the next segment on the line below!

Note: Pay attention to the format of the segment duration field. When entered correctly, a new line corresponding to the next segment will be created automatically with the correct starting time stamp.

In this example, the session starts at 3:30, and the first segment has a duration of 10 minutes. That’s why the next segment of the session starts at 3:40.

Once you have provided all the information about your session, repeat the process for your other sessions.

Simply duplicate the Cue Sheet template again, and go through all the steps.