How to use the Room Sheets

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

The data you entered in the Management Sheet and in the Project Sheet is combined together in the Room Sheets. They are generated automatically and provide you with a synthetic view.

There is one Room Sheet per Location, containing a Rundown tab for each day of the event.

The Rundown allows you to follow what is happening in each room with ease, and keeps track of the time. 

Top Tip: Your production team will use the Rundown tab in the Room Sheet as a reference during the production. You should use it too!

Each Rundown tab keeps track of the current time, marked with the red set of lines in Columns A, B and C. Thanks to this feature, you can easily identify the next session.

The Rundown gives you easy access to a session’s information at a glance during production.

  • Who are the speakers (name, contact details including phone number)
  • Is anyone joining the session remotely
  • What is the duration of the session
  • Is there anything specific about this session’s format

To conclude, the Rundown tab is perfect for simple sessions. If your session is more complex, read the next chapter and learn how to build a Cue Sheet for your session.