Choosing Better Practices Over New Software

Implementing new software to solve a particular problem within a work environment can be tempting. However, experience proves that software rarely does the job. Instead, modifying the existing process can do the trick.

For many years, an event organizer’s “pocket knife” has been their Excel sheet. It is a potent tool for organizing information and collaborating. The problem lies in how it’s used.

Embracing a single source of truth

The one thing we consistently observe with our clients is the multitude of spreadsheets shared across all parties involved in an event  (i.e., vendors, contractors, company’s various departments)

These documents are almost always shared digitally via email without a revision number or any indication of how up-to-date the data is. This habit creates a few significant issues:

  • Miscommunication: People refer to incorrect information, leading to confusion.
  • Inefficiency: Time wasted by people trying to figure out the most recently revisioned document. 
  • Lack of productivity: Organizers waste time having to update information multiple times   

Using spreadsheets for events the right way

Pretty much everyone in the industry knows how to use Excel sheets. So why reinvent the wheel and force your team to learn a new tool? They have enough information to absorb as it is.

We believe adopting new software l isn’t the solution – a better process is. 

ProjectSheet brings you the mother of all spreadsheets –  a cloud-based resource shareable among all parties with only the latest, most accurate information. ProjectSheet shifts your staff’s focus from low-level tasks to those that require them to exercise their specific expertise and creativity. 

In the world of events, there’s no time to spend on unnecessary things. By harvesting the power of automation, ProjectSheet empowers the event industry to be more productive and efficient.

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